.: Akashic आकाश Acoustic :.

In Nevada City, we are blessed with many talented singer/songwriter musicians and sound healers, as well as incredible visiting artists. Akashic Acoustic will cultivate a curated showcase every Wenesday at the Golden Mandala in downtown Nevada City, showcasing up to 3 supporting artists and one featured guest star in a weekly, intimate, closed container, for the artist's gifts to open the hearts of our beloved community.

Social time begins at 7:15pm. Mingle with the artists and connect with community. Doors close at 7:55, no exceptions. Show begins at 8pm.

"The Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane. Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for 'aether', 'sky', or 'atmosphere'." (Wikipedia)

For more information, music submissions, and inquiries, contact us at: AkashicAcoustic@gmail.com

Produced by Artzi & Bloom

Special Announcement!!

Musicians!! Yes that’s YOU 🙂

You’re the one that’s got that sweet, soulful voice and loves to play and sing acoustic music. People have always told you how beautiful your voice is. You most likely sing in the shower and haven’t had the courage to perform in front of our tribe. Or if you have, you may not have had an audience that’s fully engaged and paying attention. Perhaps you have played out many times and have a couple new tracks you’d like to roll out?

Here’s your chance! We are seeking several musicians per week for Akashic Acoustic at the Golden Mandala in Nevada City. It’s a curated show where we will highlight one featured guest performer and a few talented peeps such as yourself. We’ll help you select two songs to play in front of 55 people in a relaxed, closed container. If you have it, we will also display your music/merch outside and give people the opportunity to get to know you for tea before the show, or during the shmooze after.

Musicians who do not sing are also encouraged to send us some material. We are also seeking sound healers each week to round out our full eargasmic experience for the public.

Please submit a couple tracks or links to AkashicAcoustic@gmail.com

Thanks fam! 🙏🤗