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There are many men in this world who have done beautiful work and uplifted many who have shadows in their past that come to surface. Bhagavan Das reveals in his book and in documentaries made about him that there are many elements of his past that are looked down upon. In recent times, Baba has been asked to become accountable for the history of his actions, and some are even asking for him not to be welcome to share his gifts.

Golden Mandala is taking an active step in building the future of social evolution by welcoming a very challenging conversation with Bhagavan Das about his past and his future. 

There are many many steps in the process of reforming character, and we have to acknowledge that it is possible to do so. One important step on that path is being witnessed where one is at and getting conscious reflections. We have on record a very large public apology made by Bhagavan Das, and we would like to hear from his own mouth about these things, and share with him our ideas regarding the shortcoming of that apology and how he can continue to take it to a deeper level. This conversation will happen as a free event before we let this elder help us sing to God.

As an additional give back and gesture toward, Baba will be donating at least 10% of the proceeds of his golden mandala events to the local organization Women of Worth.

We ask you to join us, with full hearts and peaceful composure, and share whatever you can that might help us all.


( In the facebook comments, we share many reflections from Baba and people both close to him and on the outside who are quite concerned for the future of his conscious action in regard to women. )