Calling All Yogis and Those Who Inhabit a Body!  

By Shari Williams

Tuesdays at 4:00 & Thursdays at 9:30 and Upcoming Therapeutics of Yoga Asana Workshop June 4/5

Spiritual Warriors & Body Nerds Coalesce 

Have you been curious about your anatomy and physiology in various Yoga postures but were afraid to ask? Don’t know where to start, or maybe didn’t know what to ask? Perhaps you think the subject is dry and uninspiring, on the contrary! In order to love God we have to love the forms. God manifests through form and we have to love the form we’ve incarnated into, give that form space, breath, energy AND recognize one cannot build a house upon sand. With this said the umbrella theme of our Training is FORM!

Vira Bhava Yoga is my loving sponsor of this imaginative approach to the Thera—Poetics of Yoga Asana. While you consider your commitment to the training please align with these parameters

Vira Bhava Yoga=Courage, compassion, connection.

1.      Courage—to try new unconventional versions of the same ancient poses. Courage to accept yourself, learn your limits, and learn to derive pleasure from your body being in the practice.

2.      Compassion—to love self as you explore blind spots, continue to study to be of service, & fill yourself so you have something to give.

3.      Connection—all the parts working together in harmony—body, mind, heart, spirit.

In this teacher training and workshop we will explore how Energy informs our anatomy and how our anatomy and kinesiology (anatomy in relation to human movement) impact energetics.

We will probe deeply into functional movement and enjoy Yoga Tune Up®, a type of mobility training, combining the ancient practices of yoga, physical therapy principles, and multiple stretching modalities, which creates immediate increases in resting muscle length, relief from chronic tension, and decompression in the joints.

Day one is a journey into the shoulders and upper back.  On day two we travel into and all about the hips and legs.

You will receive, in addition to 12 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours, master classes, and handouts, Many Ah Ha! Moments, as we explore, discover, investigate, have fun, and create together. We will gain access to search through a treasure chest in this unique yogic voyage. In it we will discover some cool posture gems, and even more importantly find ourselves coming away with enhanced knowledge of how to keep our joints and tissues healthy, thereby reducing injuries and enhancing performance in every pose, sport, and activities of daily life. Maybe even reach a pose you’ve never been able to access! Consider these two days an adventure!


Gratitude in Returning

By Rachel Tuck Tuesdays at 6:00 and Sunday FREE Class March 18th

I’ve just returned home from three weeks of travel in Bali, Indonesia. I will be back to teaching my regular class this week and hope to see you there!

My time in Bali was spent teaching yoga, exploring the Balinese landscape, and dropping in with myself. Bali is an amazing island country that’s culture is rooted in Animism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The land is still very natural and development has not sprawled out of the main city centers. As a result, the majority of Bali is still very rich with Nature’s spirit. The Balinese people make offerings to the God’s several times a day with flowers, rice, incense all pulled together in a small basket created from local coconut leaves.

The richness of this spiritual heritage is palpable to the unfamiliar eye and also to the familiar heart. I found myself chatting Sanskrit mantra alongside holy men and women and felt my heart overflowing with recognition of Spirit. The Balinese people are very loving and open hearted people. Their main modality of recognizing another is by looking straight into their eyes, hands at heart center in prayer, saying “Om Swasti Astu” which translates as “Greetings from God” or “May you be Healing in Spirt, Physicality, Emotion, and Mind”.  

There were several times where the color of my skin or my American identity faded away and I became filled with gratitude for being immersed in a daily routine that had such an orientation towards gratefulness, awareness towards nature and one another, and for the weaving together of daily life and spiritual practice.

When I left Bali I thought to myself… their heritage has yet to become an inconvenience to daily lives. I’m grateful for my time there, for my experiences with the people and the land, and for their heritage that I too, relate to. I’m back in U.S.A now and super thankful to be living in Nevada City, CA where the land is still undeveloped and spirit is still raw. I’m grateful to be coming back to a group of people who support each other in their heart’s deepest desire and their dharma. I’m also thankful that I teach at and manage a studio that’s core mission is to welcome anyone and everyone who is curious about yoga. If feels good to be back.

I hope to see you in class! 

Lets Twist!  

By Tal Greenstein  Tuesdays 9:30-10:45 and FREE CLASS Sunday March 6th

Our physical bodies are the outward manifestation of our subtle energetic bodies. Practicing asanas, or yoga poses, activates the prana in the body and helps move out all the energies and emotions we store in our muscles, body tissues, and even our cells. With the old toxic energies gone, space is opened up for better positive energy to enter

For me twists are at times very challenging and at times enlivening and powerful. For this reason I've come to appreciate them and use them as a tool for a deep inquiry - both physically ( looking at the position of my body parts) and emotionally/mindfully ( looking at what arises in my thoughts and feelings).

Twists are cleansing. They literally “wring out” the internal organs, which helps your body release old energy. In an abdominal twist, the internal organs are compressed and squeezed to flush away old deoxygenated blood, which simultaneously sweeps away embedded negative energies. When the twist is released and the body comes back to center, fresh oxygenated blood flows back into the organs renewing and refreshing them, leaving space for higher vibrational and happier energies. 

lets get happy together!! :)

February 28th Sunday Free Class Special Guest Teacher:

Liz Wagner

Liz recently completed the Vira Bhava teacher training led by Kelly and Emily. She has found yoga to be an incredibly beautiful and powerful practice to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, joy, and an ability to surrender; and is grateful to be able to share these gifts through her teaching. She is currently teaching at East Wind Yoga in Auburn, CA, and is excited to come to The Golden Mandala to share the love.  Liz is also madly in love with her little blonde dog she found while living in Malaysia and thinks that everyone should know about her extreme cuteness ;-) 

Foundation Training

By Shauna White

Many times we say to ourselves that we need to take better care of bodies, which is why many of us seek out all the wonderful things that yoga brings us. Self-Care can go a long way to improving many aspects of our lives. Posture or 'Structural Performance' is one of those areas of self-care that needs our attention.  Good posture requires muscle strength and it is so much more than standing and sitting up straight. In fact if I 'had' to choose between 'exercising' or 'good posture' I would pick good posture because it makes every movement I do more effective to the whole body inside and out.  


So why not learn some extremely effective techniques on how to do just that with FOUNDATION TRAINING. There is a good reason why the word 'foundation' was chosen as part of its name.  This work focuses on decompressing your body and learning to work against gravity and compression which can lead to degeneration of our joints, inefficiency of our muscles, and unnecessary pain.  


Learn new habits that have the power to transform your health and how you feel everyday. I invite you to try out FOUNDATION TRAINING as one of your new habits and I think you will find it something you will want to do for the rest of your life on and off the mat. Learn the principles of Foundation Training and how you can apply it all day long from picking up your child, petting the dog, reaching for that file in your desk drawer to running, skiing, surfing, golf or whatever floats your boat. 


Try it because it is good for you and because it feels SO GOOD!

Not just another Yoga studio in town!

By Ingrid Holman

I am a yoga teacher at the Golden Mandala yoga studio in Nevada City and love teaching there. What's so special about it? Whenever I open the door I feel I am coming into "my" Yoga Sanctuary. It just feels sacred to me.

The teachers are supportive and we encourage each other to be the teachers we want to be regardless of our teaching style. I feel appreciated and part of a great team. Golden Mandala is more than a yoga studio, the vision is to reach out into the Community with events, workshops, talks, music...We want to connect Yoga to the world around us.

What really amazes me about Golden Mandala is, that I walked many times by the studio when it was still vacant. I looked through the windows and envisioned myself teaching yoga there.

How can we transform our yoga practice from the mat out into the world? 

Go and find out at the Golden Mandala Yoga studio.


So You Want to Become a Yoga Teacher?

By Kelly Golden republished with permission

This is the time of year we all start contemplating our contribution to the world, right?  We start thinking about our blessings, our connections, and our gifts. The holiday season is practically an invitation to re-assess and re-engage.  Not to mention that it comes on the threshold of one year ending and another one beginning.  We start reflecting on where we are in the world and in life, and making plans align our desires with our efforts.  Currently, there seems to be a massive push toward getting out of the conventional box of "success" built by our baby-booming forefathers and huge shift toward Self Fulfillment and the pursuit of lasting joy. 

Some people are pursuing this by showing up on their Yoga mats and the end of a long day, or taking mini-meditation breaks at their desk to increase focus and productivity. But there is another group of people who are looking for more than simply the traditional 9-5. They are seeking more meaningful work, and prioritizing joy over achievement.  Everyday I work with people on this spectrum.  In my weekly Yoga and Meditation Classes, I encounter busy people who are making a choice to manage their stress through ancient physical and energetic practices.  In my Yoga Teacher Trainings, I see countless yogis who have had a glimpse of the possibility that joy feels different than success, and they want to learn how to make that their path.

Seeking a Yoga Teaching Certification is process of re-definition.  You may think you are starting a program that will teach you how to communicate safety and movement in Yoga asana (postures), but what you also get is something that many people don't expect.  You get an opportunity to put your life, your choices, and your actions under investigation.  You get to reveal you habit patterns and encounter your stories.  You get to look deeply into what is and isn't meaningful in your life, and discover that who you really are.  All of this exploration happens alongside learning the mechanics of asana and the breath, studying how to structure a yoga class wisely, and often deciphering some of the Classic texts of the practice.  Sounds amazing, right!?!

Well, it is amazing.  And excruciating.  It is fulfilling and gut wrenching.  It is beautiful and ugly.  And often it's all of these things at once.  Becoming a yoga instructor is like being thrown into a hurricane, sometimes its the deepest calm and peace that you can imagine, and sometimes it is total chaos.  The process of becoming a yoga instructor is about learning how to dance, weave, and surf it all.  And much to the frustration of many Western educated minds, it's not a liner process.  There are no bullet points for success, no number lists of steps.  The best Yoga Instructor Trainings are simply guidebooks on the path of your own discovery.  They inform you, point out fascinating landmarks and dangerous curves along the way, and then send you off to discover the power of this ancient practice for yourself. 

What do you get in return for all of this hard work?  You find your voice.  You experience the profound power of being present and truthful. You unearth your unique expression and relationship to the physical body and the breath.  You become inspired and, with practice, inspiring. You start to speak with the understanding that you longed to discover when you stepped onto the path.  You begin to embody the very things that you yearned to experience.  When you walk into a class, you recognize the faces of those people who are seeking a deeper meaning, who are on the threshold of pursuing joy, and you sing to their hearts.

If 2016 is your year to become a Yoga Teacher, let's get started. Click here to learn more about our 2016 Yoga Certification Programs.