Want to Book an Event at Golden Mandala? Read this FAQ.

Its YOUR Event

You book the time, you promote the event, you get a great opportunity in beautiful space.

Basic Rental Costs

We like to book events we think we will enjoy, will be successful, and will be resonant with our mission. If we think you’re offering fits that description, we will rent the spaceto you at an extremely reasonable rate of $10/hr + 10% of the net profit. In addition, we ask 2 guest passes, which will also give you helping hands.
(One guest pass is okay if event is designed to be intimate).

We ask that the “Minimum Deposit” of $10/hr, which includes time for setup and cleanup, be paid at least 2 weeks in advance. (Unless the booking is last minute in which case you pay at the time of booking.) If cancellation is necessary, some of that deposit may be refundable, or even all of it, if you cancel more than two weeks prior. There's a contract...


Its your job to promote your event! Please make a flyer, including on it one of the logos below.

Here's what we are willing to do:

We will make a facebook event page our followers can see.
We will put you on our upcoming events list.
We will post the flyer you give us at the studio, potentially in 3 places.
We MAY invite friends, MAY boost the event with ad money (you surely can...)
We will announce the event in classes during the week or so before.

We do not guarantee you will have attendees, we do not guarantee we will spend other time promoting. We try to bring in teachers and offerings that we can’t help but talk about, and that bring good attendance, and those people who come to our space will see your event posting, come back, and thus, the "studio audience" grows. Thanks to you :-)

Transparent PNG logo with text

Transparent PNG logo with text

Transparent PNG without text (We also have a 13mb copy)

Transparent PNG without text
(We also have a 13mb copy)

Black and White JPG (not transparent)

Black and White JPG (not transparent)


Over time, we are attempting to standardize the time slots and themes of many of our bookings, to create ongoing rhythm and predictability - both for our audience, and our for own administrative needs. Aside from the ongoing contracted bookings, there are X slots available to rent per week in the normal format. These slots come with an implied 15 minute cushion before and after for set-up & breakdown at the normal rental rate. These are:

Tuesday 8 pm
Tuesday 11 pm (After Ecstatic Dance)
Thursday 8 pm
Friday 6 pm - 7 pm
Friday 6 pm - 9:30 pm
Friday 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Saturday 8 am - 10 am
Saturday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Saturday 7 pm
Saturday 11 pm
Sunday 3 pm - 4:30 pm
Sunday 7 pm

Hosting an 8 hour workshop Saturday and Sunday after 12 pm is also an option. Happy tries to book the midday times on weekdays for massage, but you might be able to sneak into that window if you get him excited. In either case, special financial arrangements may apply.

Here is our private calendar, that shows all of the time that's booked at the moment. Wanna book something?
BEST practice is to write to us in a facebook group message with Happy Om and Anastasia Lyn. Second best is sending an email to thegoldenmandala@gmail.com.

Please give us all of your content in your first message: Your description, time slot request, advertising strategy, desired number of attendees, and any other required information. We will only go forward with bookings that are prepared to pay the deposit and begin advertisement. We have spent far too much time talking about possible events with people. We are excited for your well prepared content to be shared in our space.