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Fridays at 5:30pm: Chakra Surprise
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Why bring attention to the chakras? Our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are moving through a world that's "always on the go". Identifying the weak points in these systems, whether by the nature of our physical pain, emotional patterns, or spiritual blockages - allows us to open up the areas where our life force energy has become stuck, so that it can begin to flow freely, returning us to our natural state.

From here, we're finally able to "come online" - all systems go. Now that we're operating at our full potential - imagine engaging with life at a whole new level. Moving forward through the world as empowered, receptive and loving beings, creating meaningful relationships - bringing our dreams to life. Now we can dive even deeper into the rest of our regular practices - the channels are clear for flushing out karmic debris, so that we may fully ride the wave of transcendence taking place on this planet - right HERE & NOW!

What kinds of chakra based practices can help us do this? Honestly, the possibilities are endless. To list just a few - there are active, and restorative asana postures - as well as tones, affirmations, visualizations, meditations, mantras, deities, elements, and so much more associated with the chakra energy centers. Chakra Surprise tunes into collective, and individual energy fields to offer a unique and potent opportunity to receive interactive chakra balancing sessions in a group setting, bringing some of this much needed opening and activation into your experience.

Some weeks we may move through the entire 7 chakra system, other weeks we may focus on just one, or a few in relationship to each other. You'd be surprised :) A lot of incredible healing can happen in one session - but on the same note, a lot anywhere on the scale of trauma can also come up in one week. So a diligent practice of chakra "maintenance" and awareness is going to earn you pivotal points towards your own healing journey over time.

Meet our practitioner:

Anastasia Lyn

CYT 200


Tasia Lyn has been the all-star studio intern for The Golden Mandala since 2017 - she’s attended about 95% of the special events, and nearly every class at least once. The richness of her exposure to transformational experiences through this healing center/community hub has been beyond her wildest dreams.

She began practicing yoga multiple times a week with her main teacher Happy in 2015. Originally she dove headfirst into a very dedicated intermediate vinyasa practice. Around the time she and Happy moved over to The Golden Mandala, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness which left her body in too much pain to do her beloved practice. So her approach had to change - she had to bring things back to basics. By the end of 2018, she completed the Yoga Wellness Teacher Training in Grass Valley, a holistic approach to gentle yoga for “every body”. Now in remission, her focus is around cultivating Body Wisdom, through intuitive movement and deep listening.

She most enjoys those super sweet spots where her greatest passions join together. Along the never ending journeys of exploring the 7 chakra system, as well as devotional kirtan practice - she weaves a lifetime of cultivation and training of her powerful singing voice into these deep healing practices for a totally unique set of ever evolving offerings.