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C  L  A  S  S    D  E  S  C  R  I  P  T  I  O  N  S

Open Studio: Monday - Friday 7:30am. All Levels.

Open Studio is a chance for you to "Move, Breathe, Sit, Sing, Play". Move in your own practice, or make some friends and join together in flow. Breathe in your favorite pranayama, or Sit in stillness at the altar. Sing your soft prayers, or pick up one of the instruments in the space and share your magic. Playfully find yourself at home here Weekday Mornings from 7:30-9 - by donation, come and go in your own rhythm - it's "Your Time, for Your Today" 

Nourishing Flow: Mondays at 9:30am. All Levels.

Nourishing Flow is a step by step energizing sequence, synchronizing breath to movement, with awareness and focus on the navel center, activating the fire/heat of the body, in order to build strong digestive system - stability and willpower, in gradual stages for daily integration. With precision to still know when it’s time to slow down, turn inward, and meditate prior to completing a particular series of postures.

Combining the wisdom of mindful progression of biodynamics and energetics through various stages (vinyasa krama), students aim to arrive to an understanding for a specific attribute. Using techniques of Asana (posture/alignment), Pranayama (energy cultivation through breath work), Bandhas (energy locks), Mantras (sacred vibrations) and Dhyana (meditation) in a methodological way, we align our selves to a deeper healing, personal evolution and a higher wisdom.


Medical Qigong: Mondays at Noon. All Levels.

Straight from the teachings of Homer Nottingham. This practice supports all of your healing endeavors. 

Feel Good Ashtanga Vinyasa: Mondays and Fridays at 4:00pm. All Levels.

These classes are an opportunity to get deep in your own breath flow, with a lot of encouragement around how you use your attention and activate the energy in your body. They are fast paced classes, that are both a moving meditation and a workout.  Get in the zone and flow! 

Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra: Mondays at 6pm. All Levels. 

Practice: Physical and Emotional Healing, Meditation, Deep Relaxation

Restorative Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra is a way for the nervous system to realign back into homeostasis. Through connecting the breath with prop-supported poses Restorative give our sympathetic nervous system (the fight of flight system) a chance to feel safe and held. This relaxes and allows the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest system) to bring equilibrium to the mind and body. The props are used to allow the body to fully emerge into a pose without any bodily or thought provoking strain. Yoga Nidra is often described as 'yogic sleep'. It is a guided meditation while laying down that brings the mind, body and spirit into the state between sleep and awake. In this state one can tap into their own intercellular matrix for deep healing.

Results from this practice include inner stillness, inner stability, and a renewed sense of vitality, thus, allowing the body's innate wisdom to bring harmony and presence onto our mats and into our lives. 

Chill Morning Flow: Tuesdays at 9:30am. All Levels.

Sprout your day with a light watering of simple maneuverable poses. As the sun comes up, warming up the mind and body to feel clear and energized for the day. 

EDGU: Tuesdays at Noon. All Levels. 

EDGU is the first movement style of its kind. It invites all of the senses and faculties of attention into participation in a Unified Field of movement and awareness. Each EDGU session aligns and strengthens the spine and allows you the opportunity to re-write your story. It places our attention on the value of our core essence and takes us through a personal moving mythology, playing our intention into being through sharing. In a wide open stable stance, our spines gyrate through the entire range of motion for all 26 vertebrae. EDGU is evolutionary spinal maintenance and combines life affirming story telling into conscious movement like never before. EDGU is self chiropractic, balances the brain and increases the sponginess of the intervertebral discs.

Grounded in an open, stable stance that specifically isolates all motion to the spine, the upper body is gracefully gyrated through a fluid sequence of pivotal movements. This art of rhythmic spinal tuning systematically exercises the intervertebral discs to avoid disc degeneration by maintaining their inherent strength, pliability and absorbency. EDGU balances the left and right hemispheres of the body/brain, releases mal-aligned vertebrae, and liberates compensation patterns held in the body. EDGU creates a “wholly” experience, blending body movement with spiritual invocation.

Movement is the fastest way to sculpt the brain.  The body is a structural projection of the brain and when the brain is holding in one hemisphere dominance, the body will display structural distortion.  Most physical training is done in a one hemisphere dominance (stress) state and therefore builds muscle to compliment the distortion of “protection mode.”  EDGU makes a great brain and body maintenance system to compliment the rest of your lifestyle.

Yum Yum Yoga: Tuesdays at 4pm. Levels I-II 

Practice: Alignment, Therapeutics, Feeling Good

Yum Yum Yoga, formerly Asana Therapeutics is an accessible practice designed to help you embody classical yoga postures, inspire your knowledge of human anatomy, and get you moving in ways that open, energize, and inform your tissues! Therapeutic self-massage techniques enhance the unique combination of strengthening, stretching and relaxation work. This class is for all levels, with special attention to beginners and those with limited mobility. Asana Therapeutics brings a practical Yoga philosophy to the nuts and bolts of health human movement. Gain strength, flexibility, and resiliency in every system of your body.

More Challenging Yoga Tune Up class Thursday 9:30-11am.

ImPulse Vinyasa: Tuesdays at 6pm. All Levels. 

A flow yoga class inspired by the unique dance we've each known since our time in the womb. With music to inspire the dance within, you’ll be encouraged to deepen the expression of your asana via the creative lens of dance. Within the stillness of this posture, how do your toes dance this moment? Discover all those potent little add-ons to your movement, the grooves guiding your way. This feel-good class will heighten your body awareness, inspire a deeper connection to spirit, increase your confidence, and so much more. Dance your Asana!

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation: Wednesdays at 9:30am. All Levels

Kundalini Yoga is a process of awakening the fullest and brightest consciousness possible. It is a direct activation of the deepest sense of aliveness, awareness and happiness contained in the blueprint of all human beings. Each class is an exploration of specific patterns of movement called ‘Kriya” that act to generate energy, organize that energy and deliver you, through that energy, to a state of bliss and harmony beyond all perceived limitations. Meditation in this class is dynamic, multi-faceted, at times very entertaining and always supportive to evoking a deeper sense of self. Complete beginners and advanced practitioners alike will find again and again that these classes encourage an elevated and sustained experience of calmness, ease and focus.

Meridian Gesture Qi Gong: Wednesdays at Noon. All Levels. 

Practice: Movement, Relaxation, Energetics

This class provides a deep, meditative, embodied experience of life energy flowing through body, mind and spirit. Classical warm ups, traditional movements and a deepened state of awakened consciousness are cultivated. Classic gestures awaken and mobilize life energy in the twelve primary meridians of Taoist medical tradition, enlivening your whole being. 

Inspired Alignment: Wednesdays at 4pm. All Levels.

This therapeutic and flowing hatha yoga class is an opportunity for you to align your body with your mind and your Heart, then dive in and dance with the Divine Spirit of your Self. Journey into the depth of your own true nature through the alignment of your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies.

Yoga with Live Music: Wednesdays at 6pm. All Levels.

Its Wednesday night and the sweet sounds are flowing from Golden Mandala! Join us for a yoga class with a guest teacher, either some sweet light visiting from around the world or one of our home team bringing their best. The class will be accompanied by music that may vary from soft sound healing to lively kirtan or who knows, all depending upon the musician and the class style.

Feel free to check in with us the day before and we'll let you know that weeks feature, but we try our best to let interesting folks offer unique things at that time :-)

Yoga Tune-up: Thursdays at 9:30am. All Levels.


Osho Active Meditation: Thursdays at Noon. All Levels.

Developed by Osho, chaotic methods are used to push the center of our attention down from the brain to the heart, where meditation can be attained. Experience this transformational method of meditation.

Therapeutic Flow: Thursdays at 4:00pm. All Levels.

With her wide variety of training, including Silver Sneakers certification, Daphne is here to support your flow - however you show up to the mat.

JourneYoga: Thursdays at 6:00pm. All Levels.

Leader of the Joyful Warrior Shaman School, Holly brings a unique Journey to class every week. Often includes Shamanic drumming in savasana. 

Bending the Rules: Fridays at 9:30am. All Levels.

The title says it all. This is not your everyday yoga class. A new spin on everything you thought you knew about asana.

Snowy Bamboo Qigong: Fridays at Noon. All Levels

For over 5000 years people in China have been aware of the subtle flow of energy known as Qi. They have developed exercises that help to keep ones body in alignment with the larger flow of life(Tao). The body is our vessel with which to experience this world. When in balance we experience health, when out of balance disease. The practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong help one find and maintain balance in all our bodies; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This class will focus on the fundamental basics needed to practice. Learning correct body posture and getting first hand experience of Qi flowing through the body. And as students are ready, delving into the deeper underlying truths and wisdom held with-in this ancient martial art form. Great for beginner to advanced practitioners. Come learn how to root into your legs, move from your center, and walk with confidence, grace and dexterity in this ever-changing world.