Fierce Grace

A Fun and Sweaty Special Saturday Flow Class
in the studio OR out in nature
with Happy Om and Savannah Mendoza

Saturdays from 11:11am - 12:30pm
By RSVP only


Fierce Grace Is a balanced vinyasa practice powered by the blazing rays of the Sun's F I E R C E fire & nourished by the cooling channels of water's G R A C E. An integrative approach to classical asana utilizing rhythmic beats & invigorating movements to smooth rigidity & polish a steady gaze. Brought to you each Saturday in harmonious union by either Happy or Savannah. Follow the flow of your week and release into your weekend ecstasy with this challenging yet soothing offering.

**RSVP required for each weeks location. We’ll have some mats with us but great to bring your own.
Register through, and
send a text to
530-588-0581 or FB message to Happy or Savy to confirm your attendance.

 This is not a “walk-in” class.
No registrations = No teacher = No class.

Register by finding the class date and time you wish to attend, here:

(Registration suggested by Saturday at 9am)