The most Unique Thai Massage Nevada City has to offer!

 Do you like when someone seems to know exactly where
your body really needs some relief?

My name is Happy Om and I am a gifted thai massage practitioner, with a specialty in tight shoulders.

Have you ever experienced Thai Massage? You lay on a soft mat, with loose clothes on, and get rocked and stretched and squeezed until you are melted into a heavenly new you :-)

With over a decade sharing energy work and intuitive range of motion therapy as a yoga teacher and Aquastretch practitioner, my last few years studying and sharing Thai Massage have made me into quite a unique and potent practioner. My thai space is getting nicer all the time, I just need more people to come play.

I do sessions between 11:15 and 3:45 most weekdays, and usually have a few other weekend, late evening, and outcall sessions in my week.

Would love to wow you soon :-)

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Thai Massage package deals:

4 30-minute sessions for $150
4 60-minute sessions for $250
4 90-minute sessions for $350
4 120-minute sessions for $450
10 60-minute sessions for $550!
10 90-minunte sessions for $750!

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